Quran Kuran

The Quran Kuran app provides users with a simple & direct interface from which they can study, read, listen and enjoy the holy text along with multiple other useful features to help guide them through Islam. This application converts your phone into a smart Quran where you can be taught and learn the entire text word by word or your product create the first impression.

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Smart Quran

We want our users to enjoy a detailed experience thats why we've catalogued all the verses of nearly 90 thousand words in the Quran giving you access to word by word dictation and translations of the entire holy text, along with the option to bookmark your favorite passages to read or listen to again later. .

Kuran Kuran Kuran


Read the entire Holy Quran

  • Listen to word-by-word, ayet by ayet or sure by sure to specific passages or the whole text from a variety of reciters with a single touch.
  • Share your favorite ayets through the app to your social media
  • Easy navigation through the app to any ayet, sure, juze or page.
  • Bookmark your favorite sections or pages to easily access later
  • Add notes to your bookmarked items
  • Find which direction to pray towards wherever you are with the apps Qibla Finder
  • Personalize the app’s color, font, translation, language and much more for a unique user experience
  • Enjoy word-by-word translation in 20+ languages
  • Chose from over 35 different reciters to listen to the Quran in the voice you prefer.
  • Search through the Sure to find the juze you need
  • Receive a daily ayet to enjoy the Quran in little snippets

Extra Features

The Quran Kuran app provides an array of other useful features such as 24 hour live streams of both Mecca and Medina, Tasbih to help count your prayers and Qibla finder so you always know which direction to pray.

Easy Configuration

Every user has different preferences when using an app that's why with Quran Kuran you can personalize the app in a variety of ways until its just the way you want it. Editable preferences including text & font size, color and type, theme and color, highlighting color, translation size, language, page split, dictation voice and much more..


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Quran Kuran

With this app we aimed to combine the appearance and beauty of the Quran with the integrated technology and facilities of a smartphone in order to provide a stylish user friendly application for everyone to enjoy. Our team has done their best to provide you with a perfect application, that being said we appreciate and welcome any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve the app for you, so please let us know.

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